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Avra's philosophy

AVRA’s PHILOSOPHY is committed to principles of modularity, multifunctionality, longevity and sustainability.

The garments are extendable with extra panels and functional accessories therefore cleverly modular and swiftly detachable: the pieces can be assembled, de-assembled, compressed, packed within themselves and transformed.

A capsule of individual components may be collected and used individually or connected to the other modules in different ways over time.

The choice of water repellent eco-friendly textiles guarantee performance, quality as well as respect of body and environment.

AVRA design gives the freedom to arrange and interchange the elements enabling the shape to grow spontaneously and be modified accordingly to the situation, mood and weather condition, leading to a customisable organic functional structure adding personal touches and active engagement. A moon faced garment adaptable for the ever changing season of everyday life.

The system is extremely versatile with possible configurations from simple arrangements to more complex

large-scale designs.

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AVRA concept encourages participatory co-design practices and offers great potential for the development into a sustainable awareness.

The combination of modularity and personal engagement creates a circular emotive inclusivity between the activity of producer and customer while eco maintenance of garments is protected and cherished.

The fresh sense of a global interconnected pro active community that is achieved breaks the idea of fast paced old fashioned disposable over production system which is also not longer so secretly toxic and self damaging.

Slick soothing garments, specially designed for sensitive, mercurial people. Its holistic touch and essential style help reduce irritations and restore life comfort.

AVRA range provides relaxation and protection with anti-annoyance properties and time saving modular, multipurpose accessories.

AVRA's fabrics with their innovative and restorative combination of Palo Santo and Frankincense provide the body with natural protection thanks to the beneficial effect of the sacred wood essence and essential oil compounds.

The effortless fit design enhances comfortable elegance, energy synthesis and activates mind regeneration.

Life can be disrupted by everyday setbacks. AVRA provides the affected person with a holistic and healing comfort to minimise the onset of potential exasperation.

Be careful AVRA contains combinations of powerful elements to optimise balance between body, environment and mind.

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